Eleven Celebrities Who Blog

Sure, the blogosphere is often an echo chamber of random technical and political voices, but there’s also quite a few more mainstream celebrities who maintain entertaining and often humorous blogs. Here’s some random pointers to interesting people:

  • Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, maintains Blog Maverick, a candid look at his views on sports, business, and life.
  • Actor Zach Braff, star of NBC’s comedy “Scrubs” and writer/director/star of Garden State, has posted on the Garden State blog for a couple years, and just recently launched his website at zachbraff.com which also features a blog.
  • TV host and actress Rosie O’Donnell posts often on her rosie.com website, with a ton of RSS feeds available for specific content. A quick glance at recent posts reveals a lot of poetry.
  • Alternative musicians the Barenaked Ladies maintain a frequently-updated blog, discussing their music, the industry, and their daily lives.
  • Everyone’s favorite crossdresser Rupaul has a… big shocker… bright pink blog.
  • Actor and “the dude” Jeff Bridges posts what amounts to blog, except it’s in the form of doodle art on his website.
  • Food Network chef and crazy British dude Jamie Oliver blogs about food and friends.
  • Director Kevin Smith (a.k.a. Silent Bob) blogs bout his life, his movies, and the industry on My Boring Ass Life.
  • Baseball fans shouldn’t feel left out, for a group of major league baseball players post on The Player Blog discussing the game and thier careers.
  • Humorist Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) posts an interesting mix of humor, daily life, comic industry talk, all mixed together with a bit of politics on The Dilbert Blog.
  • Another funnyman, Dave Barry, posts several times a day, usually links to interesting news stories throughout the country, accentuated by a comical comment.

If you know of anyone else interesting who isn’t well-known as a blogger, feel free to leave a link in the comments!