Technorati 3: An Update

Technorati has rolled out a new look and feel to thier site with some new features as well.

Here’s my first reactions:

  • I have two blogs “claimed” yet it only shows one of them on the homepage under “Your blogs”. If I go to my account panel, it shows both.
  • The updated blog info pages are nice (here’s the one for Dogcaught).
  • Their new popular feature is interesting, I probably won’t use it heavily but for those with only a few moments to check on the pulse of the web, it could be useful.
  • The discover feature looks intriguing, although I’m not quite clear on how something ends up on the page. Most of the items there are shown as only having a couple inbound links, so I don’t think it’s a popularity thing… it could be fun to waste a few minutes poking around.
  • They keep pimping their favorites feature, although I really don’t understand what the use would be to anyone who uses an aggregator…

Overall I guess I’m neutral on the improvements. I haven’t found anything majorly broken (other than not listing one of my blogs on the homepage) but I haven’t found anything to get really excited about.

On their blog they request if you’re going to blog about the upgrade to use the tag technoratifeedback.