Getting Folks Together

Seth Godin tackles an issue yet to be solved by internet search: “How do you use search to introduce the right buyers to the right sellers when it’s not a frequent transaction of a commodity? ”

It’s a good question, not currently addressed by search. When I set out to plan GorgeRail, I couldn’t type into a search box that I need to gather 100 people in the Columbia River Gorge at an affordable location that has presentation and catering abilities.

What will it take to bring these together? It will need to be combination of localized search and some sort of business directory. Being able to search on metadata such as price, catering, group size, and so on would be needed. What would make it even better? A way to link to user reviews of facilities.

How could the data be presented? A matrix of facilities with amenities and prices listed would be great. Photos? Even better!