Andy Beard tells Scoble He’s Stealing Content via Google Reader

Andy Beard, who I’d never heard of until yesterday, has taken on Scoble, using Robert Scoble’s linkblog as an example for what he says is copyright infringement and theft because Scoble publishes a linkblog via Google Reader.  Scoble responds today, attempting to explain how RSS works, how a linkblog works, and how copyright works.  Be sure to read the comments.  It’s an interesting discussion, and I’m with Robert on this one.

Feel free to include my posts in a linkblog.  Why?  Because I know that if folks care about the content and find it valuable, they’ll end up back on my site.  I can only speak to my browsing behavior, but when I find content interesting, and I’m going to blog it, link to it, or feel like commenting, I go to the original source.  Google Reader’s linkblog feature doesn’t brand the content as their own, and the source titles are clearly links to the original site.

As Robert notes, if you want content to be truly private and protected, unsecured RSS is not the appropriate medium.

  • The Zero Boss

    It’s not “stealing content” unless you’re slapping your own ads on it. It’s advertising for other bloggers that you think are wonderful.

  • Andy Beard

    Your site seems to be © 2006 Aaron B. Hockley

    Your feed has no indication of copyright.

    You should define the copyright of your feed if that is your intention.

    @ The Zero Boss

    “Not for commercial use” is not just about advertising. Robert is a professional “A” list blogger and podcaster, so anything he creates, even he linkblog is a commercial product.

    If you subscribe to his linkblog, he is controlling the content that is sent to your Feed Reader.
    That is a very powerful position to be in from a marketing point of view.