The Blog Herald is Absorbing My Reading List

When The Blog Herald changed hands recently, the previous bloggers moved onto other ventures and a new crop of folks is being brought in, offering some fresh voices on the site. What I’m finding is that they’re not fresh to me… the Blog Herald keeps adding bloggers who I already read. Now I see that Lorelle (of Lorelle on WordPress Fame) has joined their ranks. On one hand I’m glad they’re finding quality folks… on the other hand I hope they’ll also bring me some new faces to read.

  • Lorelle

    Glad to be considered one of the “quality” folks. 😉

    And thanks for noticing my involvement. I’m really proud of the whole team at Blog Herald.

  • Tony

    Well, we’re aiming for quality first; the authors bring the fresh — which I think they’re doing pretty darn well.

    Time will tell though — thanks for keeping us honest. 😉