Beer and Blog WordPress 2.5 Discussion: Notes/Links

Here are some random links and notes related to some things discussed at today’s Beer and Blog:

Other Random Notes:

  • Sending trackbacks is disabled by default
  • Drafts aren’t shown on the Write Post page
  • It appears that in order to edit a post slug, the post has to be saved as a draft, then a permalink edit option will appear between the post title and the post (on the write screen).

Roll Call:

Here’s who I saw… feel free to comment if I overlooked you: @kveton, @gwalter, @chrisorourke, @reidab, @geekygirldawn, @tiesque, @missburrows, @lyzadanger, @jtkeith, @grigs, @cheekyboots, @mtrichardson, @ravenzachary, @memathews

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