Taking a Stand to Promote OpenID

OpenID is a win-win for blog comments. It’s a win for the comment author, since it means less info to type. It’s a win for the blog owner, since it means the comments have a “real” identity behind them. There are some great OpenID providers out there (I’m a big fan of Vidoop).

I’m going to take a bit of a stand. Effective immediately, I will no longer comment on tech blogs that don’t support OpenID for comment authentication. Google offers it as a Blogger option. It’s available as a super-easy-to-install WordPress plugin. Movable Type has it as a built-in feature. If you’re using another lesser-known system, rally the troops for OpenID support.

And I’ll put my time where my mouth is: I’ll help you. If you follow those links above, and can’t figure it out, or you try it and it doesn’t work. I’ll help. Send me an e-mail. I want you to have OpenID.

I realize I’m just one (mostly insignificant) guy. And the reality is that if I stop commenting on some blogs, nobody will notice. But somewhere in my little fantasy world, this move might help spread OpenID adoption, and as Martha says, that’s a Good Thing™.

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  • http://davidfrey.myvidoop.com/ David Frey

    Amen to that. I’ll join.

  • http://cockahoop.com/ Todd Stadler

    Hmm. Because I’m stupid/stubborn, I’m still using my own home-brew blogging system, for which there is not yet any support for OpenID, you understand.

    I certainly think OpenID makes more sense and is easier (for nerds, at least) than any other sort of commenter authentication. But it can’t and shouldn’t replace the standard unauthenticated name/email/URL set that I (and you) currently have. Just saying.

  • http://www.anotherblogger.com Aaron B. Hockley

    You’re right Todd, it shouldn’t replace anonymous comments. It should supplement them, as an alternative.

    And my stand only applies to tech blogs (for now), whom I hold to a higher / more modern standard for implementing smart tech things.

  • http://corourke.myopenid.com/ Chris O’Rourke

    I support this as well. Also I’m willing to help get any site running on OpenID based authentication as well.

  • http://cockahoop.com/ Todd Stadler

    I’m still a little shaky on OpenID, so this may be a dumb question, but what is the relationship between the commenter Gravatar icons and the OpenID login? How are they correlated?

  • http://www.anotherblogger.com Aaron B. Hockley

    There is no relation between Gravatar and OpenID… Gravatar is based on the e-mail address used to comment (whether it’s user-provided or OpenID-supplied). Use of OpenID and Gravatars is independent.

  • http://aaron.binprop.org/ http://aaron.binprop.org/

    +1 Hooray. My personal stand was the OpenID-enable all the web software I support; Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, MediaWiki etc. Good times.

  • http://turoczy.myopenid.com/ Rick Turoczy

    Bravo! Consider me the water station attendant on your OpenID marathon. Or something. My analogies are a tad fragmented as of late.

    Suffice it to say, I applaud your taking this stance.

    And I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank Chris O’Rourke (who also offers to help) for recently repairing the errors that had me wallowing in my own OpenID hypocrisy.

  • http://jeffthegreat.blogspot.com Jmartens

    I don’t even know how to comment using one of the many OpenID’s I apparently have from services like Yahoo, etc.

    Until it is fool/idiot proof, it isn’t for me.

    and yes, I am calling myself a fool/idiot

  • http://turoczy.myopenid.com/ Rick Turoczy

    @jmartens If you spent half as much time learning how to use your OpenID as you do complaining about not knowing how to use your OpenID, this conversation would be over. 😉

    But in all seriousness, it can be lacking in terms of “being intuitive.” I’m happy to take the time to walk you through it, if you want.

    Super simple. Truly.

  • http://www.anotherblogger.com Aaron B. Hockley

    Jmartens: Take a look at Yahoo’s OpenID information which talks about how to enable using your Yahoo account for OpenID. If it’s still fuzzy, I can help.

  • http://turoczy.myopenid.com/ Rick Turoczy

    String irony: Due to the autologin as admin, Aaron isn’t using OpenID to comment. :)

  • http://factoryjoe.com/ Chris Messina

    +1 dude. I support ya! 😉

  • http://jacobburke.com/ Jacob Burke

    Have the plugin up and running on my blog now. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.

  • http://missburrows.myopenid.com/ Lia Hollander

    My god, it’s an OpenID love fest! Bring your happy OpenID enabled selves over to Treasurelicious.com

    Where it’s all OpenID enabled ALL THE TIME!


  • http://bkkissel.myopenid.com/ Brian Kissel

    Several previous comments suggest that using OpenID isn’t as intuitive as it could be, which is limiting adoption and usage. You might want to check out JanRain’s ID Selector (www.idselector.com) which was designed to address this specific market need. You can read reviews on it at https://www.idselector.com/site/testimonials and see a screen cast demo at https://www.idselector.com/site/screencast. You can also see it in production at http://claimid.com/# or http://www.twitterfeed.com/auth/login/

  • http://affiliates.vidoop.com Kevin Fox

    Thanks for the mention Aaron. We are always working to make our OpenID provider (http://myvidoop.com) easier to use. Vidoop would be totally behind starting some kind of demand OpenID campaign, grassroots, with a cool logo and some shirts? eh?

    Also if you are a myVidoop affiliate you can create your own ID Selector from within our site.

  • http://inpraiseofdreams.blogspot.com Francis Norton

    OK, I’ve just updated inpraiseofdreams.blogspot.com to accept registered or openid comments only.

    Actions may speak louder than words, but both together is loudest…

  • http://scottmuc.com/ Scott Muc

    I definitely support this!

  • https://www.netidme.com/openid/davidc Mr David Christiansen

    I Support that!

  • http://rberrelleza.myopenid.com/ Ramiro Berrelleza

    Totally behind this! What is the stand of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc… regarding this?

  • http://www.adronbhall.name Adron


    Ramiro – Microsoft has their own ID, but as Hanselman points out on his blog there is an open source .NET implementation out now. Google also has their own ID system so I’m not sure what they want to do about Open ID. Amazon and Yahoo have pieces out there already, you’ll have to do a search and check it out…

  • http://toffer.myvidoop.com/ Tom Offermann

    Vidoop should be giving you some sort of a kickback! I just opened a MyVidoop account (thanks to your advocacy), and here’s my first OpenID-enabled comment.

  • http://bkkissel.myopenid.com/ Brian Kissel

    JanRain’s myOpenID service now also offers phone-based, two-factor authentication for added security: CallVerified: https://www.myopenid.com/about_callverifid

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  • http://roses-rejoice.livejournal.com/ http://roses-rejoice.livejournal.com/

    I am trying to see if this OpenID thing works…because I set it up the way LJ suggested and I haven’t been able to use it to comment on blogspot. If it works here but not on Blogspot then I’ll know where the problem is.

  • http://2idi.com/contact/=alex.kavanagh http://2idi.com/contact/=alex.kavanagh

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while as well. I’ve got an i-name (I know, I know…) which also doubles as an OpenID but I never seem to remember to use it. Now if only I could work out how to get my i-name to go back to my blog … Anyway, +1 from me!

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/vmlemon vmlemon

    I've got OpenID working on at least one of my Drupal sites, if it counts for anything…

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/vmlemon vmlemon

    Hmm, anyone else think that with so many people having OpenIDs from different providers, and OpenID aggregator would be a good idea?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ahockley ahockley

    Why would you need aggregation? Just because one has many potential OpenIDs, it doesn't mean that all of them need to be used. Best practice would be to delegate a secure OpenID to a personal URL (I use Vidoop, delegated to http://www.aaronhockley.com) for their OpenID, but even without a custom URL one should shoose a relatively permanent provider and use that as their identity.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ahockley ahockley

    Excellent. The wider the OpenID support, the better.

  • Daverix

    What about spam? You can make your own openid-provider and just throw out openids that bots can use to spam sites using only openid. You have to have captcha or email verification to get rid of spam. Also why does this comment system rely on that you are using the sreg extension of openid? 😛

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ahockley ahockley

    OpenID doesn't have anything to do with spam. I moderate first-time OpenID commenters in the same fashion which I moderate any new commenter… so an OpenID-bot wouldn't be treated any differently than an anonymous bot.

  • Daverix

    Well I didn't know that it was moderated. The comment system seems to not be yours so I maybe can't ask you about why I can't input my name and website when posting with OpenID either?

  • http://caloca.myopenid.com Caloca

    lolz, open ids are great, but it will drive the less tech savvy away from commenting on your blog.

    • http://www.anotherblogger.com Aaron B. Hockley

      I didn’t ask that folks require OpenID… only that it be offered as an option.

  • http://wtanaka.com/ Wesley Tanaka

    Does this blog support OpenID comments?

    • http://www.aaronhockley.com/ Aaron B. Hockley

      Yes, I have OpenID support for comments. If you’re having issues with it let me know either via a comment or an email (aaron at hockley dot org)