Links to Most Excellent Portland Things

This is the link roundup to accompany my Beyond Beer and Blog presentation at WordCamp: Las Vegas. Here are the various Portland groups, events, companies, applications, and people that I mentioned (roughly in the order they were mentioned in my presentation):

These are some of the awesome things happening in the Portland tech scene… explore, learn, and enjoy! I really enjoyed preparing this presentation.

  • turoczy

    You did an amazing job, Aaron.

    I couldn't be more proud of how you represented the Portland community in front of a who's who crowd of bloggers. And for me, it was truly an honor to be mentioned alongside all of the other great Portland folks who have made this community what it is today.

    Thank you.

  • @verso

    I think all anybody needs to know about how Twitter is integrating into the Portland Tech Scene is right there in the post: Your links to every PERSON you mentioned are their Twitter names. (:

  • Jake

    Thanks for the plug. I like to point to the "home" for our PDX chapter.

    Great honor for you to speak out there, kudos. Thanks for remembering all the little people back here.

  • Christine Kistner

    Thanks mentioning Beer and Blog! Sounds like we have Las Vegas on board for a chapter.

  • Akshay

    You forgot about Mugasha :) @iheartdzgn and @ninjasleepover

    • ahockley

      There are lots of good things being developed that I didn't mention but I only had half an hour to talk and decided I'd focus on those projects that have had the most overall impact across the spectrum of Portland techies. Thanks for adding a comment and link – folks should definitely check out the project.