The Four Aarons of the Apocalypse (or maybe WCSF)

At WordCamp San Francisco last week, Aaron Jorbin suggested we pull together four Aarons for a photo.

Aaron Campbell, Aaron Brazell, Aaron Hockley, Aaron Jorbin at WordCamp San Francisco
(click for larger)

The Four Aarons of the Apocalpyse: Campbell, Brazell, Hockley, and Jorbin

Awesome Friends that Appreciate Railfans

On a much happier note than the Spearfish Travelodge review that I just posted, while I was on vacation I missed an opportunity to ride TriMet’s MAX light rail trains on a test run down the recently-reopened transit mall in downtown Portland. Fortunately my friends made sure I was there in some form:

Photos posted to Flickr by Igal Koshevoy; I’m not sure who the photographer was.

Matt Mullenweg Ponders the WordPress Admin Panel

Seen at WordCamp: Las Vegas, I can’t help but wonder if this means that WordPress users will be faced with another redesign of the admin screens.

New Blog Project

Last week I started a new project which I’m unveiling today. I haven’t done much political blogging in a while, and being someone who’s not an Obama fan while living in the Portland area has been an interesting experience. I’m disappointed but not surprised by last week’s election, and wanted an outlet to journal what I’m expecting will be a long four-plus years ahead. As a blogger, the written form in chronological format made since.

Obama’s campaign ran under the moniker of change but I suspect what’s happening is that he

*I’ve disabled comments on this post; I don’t want to start a political debate on this site. Feel free to comment over on if you wish.

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