Who is the Silicon Lumberjack?

Today a new voice joined the Portland-area tech/startup news scene: the Silicon Lumberjack.

I think it’s a voice that needs to be heard. Bad news isn’t popular, and critique of pet projects that fail often ruffles feathers. I received quite a bit of grief when I expressed displeasure at the ThrivePDX effort for example. Everyone jumped all over me in comments here and on Twitter, but the event (and the whole effort with the indie techies and SAO) failed in a big way.

Ideally we can have open, honest discussion about not just successes but also failures. And in the spirit of openness and honesty, I’d like to ask the author of the Silicon Lumberjack to identify him or herself. Please don’t be that passive-agressive stereotype.

Clueless Newspaper Trying to Figure out the Web

This kind of thing might be attributed to simple ignorance in 2005, but in 2011 I can’t help but think this seems to be blatant disrespect for the web audience:

Shame on you, The Columbian, shame on you.

On Portlandia

As someone living near Portland, it’s interesting to watch the reactions to Portlandia.

It’s a lot like one of those situations where everybody is laughing at someone, and the person being laughed at is laughing right along and thinks it’s hilarious.

Portlander? Going to BlogWorld? Let Us Know!

I know of a couple other people from the Portland area that are heading down to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo next month. It promises to be a great weekend of all things bloggy (read more on a previous post). I thought it might be interesting to try to gather information on those from the area who were going, find out if we’re on any of the same flights, and so on.

If you’re from the Portland area and heading to BlogWorld, leave a comment below.