I’ll Be Building WordPress Stuff Starting… Now

For a while I’ve been thinking I should learn a bit more about the code behind WordPress themes and plugins. I’m a software developer by day (in a different environment), but software is software and learning the ins and outs of how WordPress works would be a good exercise. I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit I came back from WordCamp San Francisco with a bit of a desire to learn how to code a bit in hopes of improving WordPress itself.

I’m also in the midst of launching a side brand related to my Portland-area photography business. It’ll be a month or two until it’s unveiled, but I have a vision for the online component. Rather than try to kludge my way into something that doesn’t fit, I decided this would be a great time to get into WordPress.

I’ve setup a local WordPress development environment, pored over the WordPress Codex, and am diving into constructing a theme.

Wish me luck.

The Four Aarons of the Apocalypse (or maybe WCSF)

At WordCamp San Francisco last week, Aaron Jorbin suggested we pull together four Aarons for a photo.

Aaron Campbell, Aaron Brazell, Aaron Hockley, Aaron Jorbin at WordCamp San Francisco
(click for larger)

The Four Aarons of the Apocalpyse: Campbell, Brazell, Hockley, and Jorbin

Slides from WordCamp San Francisco: IRL FTW! Organizing Meetups and WordCamps

By (popular?) demand, here’s my slide deck from my presentation on Sunday at WordCamp San Francisco:

Speaking at WordCamp San Francisco: Organizing Meetups and WordCamps

I’m excited to be heading down to San Francisco in a couple weeks to present at WordCamp San Francisco, the annual worldwide gathering of WordPress users, developers, and enthusiasts. I’ll be giving a talk on Sunday the 14th titled IRL FTW! Organizing Meetups and WordCamps, speaking about some lessons learned over the past four years of experience with WordCamps and local meetup groups. I’ll be covering some of the basics as well as some tips and tricks to help ensure events that foster learning as well as happy attendees!

I'm speaking at WordCamp San Francisco 2011!

If you’re going to be at WordCamp in San Francisco, let’s connect!